VS publish umbraco_client folder

While working on a solution that had umbraco installed from nuget, i kept noticing that in the visual studio output window while publishing the project to the file system the umbraco_client folder was being copied to the publishing folder. I believed something was wrong since visual studio only publishes files that are included in the solution and i usually don’t include it…

I was wrong … since version 2.5 of nuget packages, a conventional folder called “build” can be included in nuget packages. Now since version 6.1.3, the UmbracoCms nuget package changes your .csproj with

<Import Project="..\packages\UmbracoCms.6.1.3\build\net45\UmbracoCms.targets" Condition="Exists('..\packages\UmbracoCms.6.1.3\build\net45\UmbracoCms.targets')" />

And there it is, the conventional folder “build” with corresponding .props and .targets files making visual studio publishing those files..

UPDATE: The always helpful Morten Christensen aka @sitereactor gave me this feedback

“there is no conclusion to that post… Did you hate it or love it? Pleasantly surprised or annoyed?”

I do a lot of FileSystem publishing (with the option to delete all files before) in Visual Studio and with this in place the publishing does take a little longer…but it gives me a certain confidence that all files are the the newest! And it beats having to include / exclude those folders into the solution when publishing files after an upgrade!

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