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(basic / useful) Docker commands

Disclaimer: This is a list of commands/options I found most useful in my day-to-day activities, there are many commands/options available, you may find other commands/options more useful or use them in another way. Basic ( runtime check ) docker -v docker … Continue reading

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Do you know you can override the == operator ?

Yes you can! In order to override equality in Value Types we should : implement IEquatable override object.Equals() implement == implement != implement object.GetHashCode() Check Simon Robinson course on Pluralight about C# Equality and Comparisons

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Back to the basics…

While watching this course from K. Scott Allen I’ve re-learned some things about Object Oriented Programming, namely this .. If you have a class… and a derived class… The c# compiler will choose the method to run based on the type … Continue reading

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SSMS Templates : export and import

This week i’ve installed the SSMS  2014 and wanted to get my templates from SSMS 2012. Since there is no import / export feature i’ve found out this post from Grumpy DBA In my case it was just copying from : TO Thanks Grumpy … Continue reading

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MVC Layouts

I have found this very straightforward post about MVC Layouts… Simple but effective..

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VS publish umbraco_client folder

While working on a solution that had umbraco installed from nuget, i kept noticing that in the visual studio output window while publishing the project to the file system the umbraco_client folder was being copied to the publishing folder. I believed … Continue reading

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This is how to reinstall a nuget package through the package manager console PM> Update-Package [PackageId] -Reinstall Gist Here

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