VS publish umbraco_client folder

While working on a solution that had umbraco installed from nuget, i kept noticing that in the visual studio output window while publishing the project to the file system the umbraco_client folder was being copied to the publishing folder. I believed something was wrong since visual studio only publishes files that are included in the solution and i usually don’t include it…

I was wrong … since version 2.5 of nuget packages, a conventional folder called “build” can be included in nuget packages. Now since version 6.1.3, the UmbracoCms nuget package changes your .csproj with

<Import Project="..\packages\UmbracoCms.6.1.3\build\net45\UmbracoCms.targets" Condition="Exists('..\packages\UmbracoCms.6.1.3\build\net45\UmbracoCms.targets')" />

And there it is, the conventional folder “build” with corresponding .props and .targets files making visual studio publishing those files..

UPDATE: The always helpful Morten Christensen aka @sitereactor gave me this feedback

“there is no conclusion to that post… Did you hate it or love it? Pleasantly surprised or annoyed?”

I do a lot of FileSystem publishing (with the option to delete all files before) in Visual Studio and with this in place the publishing does take a little longer…but it gives me a certain confidence that all files are the the newest! And it beats having to include / exclude those folders into the solution when publishing files after an upgrade!

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ReInstall Nuget Package

This is how to reinstall a nuget package through the package manager console

PM> Update-Package [PackageId] -Reinstall

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Series of KATAS for practicing TDD



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dotnetcurry.com magazine

May – June 2013 Edition

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setting up continuous integration

Today we’ve started setting up a continuous integration server.

For me this was a must have for the server side team and as the new Team Leader this is my first game changing take.

In our weekly meeting’s we’ve started talking about solutions, products, advantages and disadvantages of continuous integration. The advantages were obvious and well documented all around the web, so we turned to products : teamcity and CruiseControl .

Today we’ve started setting up a machine with teamcity. All the posts that i saw, all the tweet’s , pointed tho that being the best option. So for us (integration with Subversion, 20 build configurations, up to 3 build agents, free) it was the best option.

The setup was quite easy and very straight forward, authentication is integrated with active directory and sql server 2008 R2 is the external database.

Tomorrow we’ll start testing the build steps…

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new responsibilities, renewed motivation, new blog

Hi, i just got a promotion! The new job title is : Team Leader, Senior Engineer at FullSixPT.

With this new responsibilities came a new motivation, blog more!

This blog will represent my doubts, my certainties and all things in between.

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